Waste Of Time

by Curb Kids

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released June 29, 2014

Recorded and produced by Andrew Guay, King Shea Media:
December 2013-April 2014



all rights reserved


Curb Kids Algonac, Michigan

Four rad dudes, an empty pizza box, and a dream. We play Emo/Punk music in a tiny town called Algonac, MI. Give us a listen and party with us sometime.

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Track Name: Mercury
So take this pen and write it down
All the words you've said; I'm gonna turn them around
Collect and congregate your choice words
And take a step back as I step forward

Cause I'm better than you and your dying breed
And I see in your eyes what I couldn't be
If you want to call me, don't feel the need
Because you'll never understand what it's like to be me

Take this as a sign and watch me as I fly away now
Confess to your crimes and burn away like a dead pariah
Because this time, I'm not a victim of such conviction

I'm broken and beaten but you still haven't won

You're the hammer to my nail
You're the noise in my sleep
Your the promise I refuse to keep
And everyone behind you is a cheat

You're more alone than a millionaire
Breathing the last of his air
So I guess this is goodbye
For all I care you can choke and die

I'm better than you and your dying breed
Track Name: Panic Pool
A couple broken teeth; deprived of any sleep
A conscious that's so weak; there's holes in my bedsheets
A health that you can't keep; a blood soaked pillow case
A helpless dirty face; a ghost that you can't chase

Feed me Silent screams; white noise on the TV
Why won't they let me be? The voices in my dreams
I try to fall asleep; no room for apathy
Only anxiety; it screams inside of me

A couple pills a day will keep the voices away
You can't give me enough pills to force me to sit still
A couple pills a day will never make me behave
If prescriptions make me kill, I refuse to swallow another pill

I feel it in my skin; It flows all through my bones
I start to feel alone; a feeling that won't show
This minds is like a maze, and there is no escape
How much more can I take? The feeling makes me shake

Perverted, weakened thoughts; all sanity is lost
I'm such a fucking mess; I lay my head to rest
Pills start to take effect until there's nothing left
Medication full; drowning in a panic pool

I refuse to swallow another fucking pill
Track Name: Algotraz
Eat shit, fuck off and die; eat my self esteem alive
Shoving your words down my throat; it's so much bullshit, it makes me choke
Algonac will burn to ashes; I hope the school bus crashes
My teachers make me sick, and all my peers can suck my dick
Everything you're taught is bullshit; I was sent here to destroy it
Set me up just to finish last; your authority can kiss my ass

I refuse to play your game; I'm not a number, I'm a name
Teachers can't determine me; I am myself, I am free
Fuck your lessons and fuck your lectures; you cannot tell me my future
Everything you're taught is wrong; be your own self, not a pawn

Not a pawn

Pick your poison, pick your preacher; policeman, mom and dad, or the teacher
They want conformity, not creativity
I know what's best for me; don't tell me who I wanna be
Can't make you fucking listen, and I'm so tired of all you're bitching

You authoritative Nazi cunts won't influence me so keep your mouth shut
I'm so done with Algonac; You fascist twats can kiss my punk ass
Track Name: Community College
I lay awake at night and dream
Of girls I could never be
With at all.
This is my curtain call

Consider this my getaway
50 bucks and no place to stay
By the time I’ve had my last cigarette
I won’t have any money left

Life ticks by on an empty shelf
Next to the space that could’ve held
Everything you’ve ever wanted
But it’s gone now, we never found it

Everything’s so artificial
Overused and superficial
My eyes rub against the back of my head
Screaming let us out, or kill us instead

Every song makes me feel exhausted
I’d take the pill, but I think I’ve lost it
Crazy or misplaced? I can’t tell
I’m hurting so much, but I do it so well
Track Name: Waste Of Time
Everything I do is a waste of time
Just another hole in this heart of mine
When you look at me, what do you see?
Broke down, beaten, and used for free
Everything I do is a waste of time

Out of sight and out of mind
Why is happiness so hard to find?
This world is so unforgiving
Do what you can before the angels sing

Then again, I wonder what death brings

Going back to the old grind
Doing everything to numb my mind
I just go with the motions
I don't remember anything I've done
Everything I do is a waste of time

Just for now, I close my eyes
Hoping that life will pass me by
I'm tired, but I can't sleep at night
Why is depression so hard to fight?
Everything I do is a waste of time